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Our history

Something’s fallen down in there

Starting in 2010, Espacio Madrigal began with the intention of providing a community for students to learn Spanish.

In the last decade, it has expanded to offer lessons in all subjects to students of all backgrounds, focusing in on whatever our students are looking to learn. We pride ourselves on our relationship with the families who serve us, constantly staying in contact to learn more about their needs.

Over the next few years, we are looking to continue expanding to serve as many students as we can. We started small, but we have expanded to serve five cities in the US, one in Australia, four in Europe, and one in Asia. We are just continuing to grow.


our mission

The ultimate goal of Espacio Madrigal is to help students reach the next level in education, which we take as broadly as we need to.

Opening up, we looked small to make sure that we were not trying to do too much too fast, but we realized pretty quickly that our capacity to serve students was much larger than we gave ourselves credit for. This has led to massive growth and we are still continuing to show great advances.

In the next few years, we will serve students starting as low as kindergarten all the way through graduate school. For us, we feel incredibly proud of our ability to provide great educational opportunities to young students. We just want to make learning as fun and accessible as possible.

our vision

A bilingual education can serve to make you a better person in many facets of life. You are not just a better citizen of the country, but also of the world.

As our name is in Spanish, you might assume that we are going to teach in Spanish and that is sometimes true. You might also assume that we only teach students of Spanish descent, but that is not always true either. We may have started small, but we are never going to close our doors to a student in need.

Our vision is to serve students from all different types of backgrounds and prepare them to be the best adults that they can be. We have seen how many students are left behind, of all creeds, and want to show that we are focused on helping all of them. Not just the ones that look like us.


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